Lost Planet: Extreme Condition

Lost Planet: Extreme Condition 1.0

Lost Planet: Extreme Condition is a game created by Capcom
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Lost Planet: Extreme Condition is a game created by Capcom for Microsoft Xbox 360 and subsequently ported to the PC and the Sony PlayStation 3.
The game mixes action on foot and mecha (also known as meka or mechs: pilot-controlled walking vehicles) the main character is played by Korean actor Lee Byung-Hun.

It is true that Lost Planet is still a different action game from many others Capcom have developed. However, it is inspired on the same successful bases: good argument, incredible game system , spectacular graphics and an amazing magnetic main character which gave the Japanese company so many good results.
Initially, the plot may look somewhat trivial, but as you will discover in the game, that plot is used to the mechanics of the game, and as you go forward, you will discover that Wayne, the main character has a lot to do with the planet`s future.

The plot takes you into the distant future, where mankind has left his planet to explore other worlds. A distant planet seems ideal for their habitat, but soon they discover that this frozen planet is not just a desert and its native inhabitants are a kind of very aggressive insect-like creatures called Akrid.
However, the Akrid also hold the key to colonize the planet, since it keeps its internal thermal energy, an energy used to keep humans alive and, most importantly to feed many of the vehicles and weapons. The game begins with a clash between a green eye (an insect of monstrous dimensions) and a number of soldiers, including Wayne and his father. From here you will start playing in this version of the PC game.

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  • Excellent graphics, great sound


  • Some problems concerning system requirements
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